Codemotion Amsterdam: TimeRepublik meets the IT

CodeMotion Amsterdam

Codemotion is one of the biggest tech-conferences in Europe, with an international network of 30.000 developers and 350 speakers coming from the most important IT realities and from all over the world. Its topics are the hottest in ITs: devops, cloud, big data, gamedev, security, methods, languages, web, Internet of things.

Codemotion is also a startup, providing a bunch of services and activities, for personal and business customers.

Codemotion is landing to Amsterdam on May 11th/12th and this time it was decided to also use TimeRepublik to help with the onsite logistics.

So, we contacted Chiara Russo (CEO/Co-founder Codemotion) and asked her how is going.


Hello Chiara, let’s talk about Codemotion: how it all began?

Chiara Russo

Chiara Russo @Radio Rai

Codemotion was born in 2007 in Rome as Javaday, event for the community of Java. In 2011 we realized that it was necessary to open up to new languages ​​and technologies, and thus was born Codemotion, which quickly established itself as the biggest technical conference in Italy, setting up two conference a years, winter time in Milan and spring time in Rome.

By now we have chapters in Berlin, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Dublin, Warsaw… Last year we drawn more than 8000 attendees and tech lovers in Europe, and collect speakers and proposals from all around the world.

And we are landing in Amsterdam for the very first time next week!


What changed over the years, and where Codemotion is going?

Nowadays Codemotion is probably the biggest Tech Conference in EMEA for software developers – more than 2000 attendees in our main event – and our secret is… Passion! Passion for coding, passion per what we do, and last but not least, the passion we spend everyday for Codemotion People, the network of developers and tech lovers who supports us. They are definitely the worth we are working for.

We are going to bring our passion for code everywhere, reaching every year new cool locations to become a reference point for all developers.


What will be the most important things in the next event at Amsterdam?

The Code. The People. The Networking.

Codemotion Amsterdam is open to all languages and technologies: we want to bring together interested developers who like to think outside the box and understand the intersections of technology and programming.
The conference is designed to encourage visitors to dive into new subject areas and communities, and share their idea and point of view with best techie fellow from all around the world.

In a fast faced environment such technology, the importance of a tech conference as Codemotion, where people could meet and learn, is unmissable.

Codemotion Amsterdam 2016 is a 2 days TechConference for software developers. It will take place on May 11th and 12th at De Kromhouthal | Amsterdam Noord. For the very first time Codemotion will reach the Netherland, bringing more than 50 talks on Frontend/Backend, Mobile, DevOps, Bigdata/cloud, Functional, Architectures.

Don’t miss out the biggest tech conference in Europe!