PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 and TIMEREPUBLIK’s alliance will catalyze EXPO2015Milano


PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 is a world competition for schools at all levels and from all countries on digital storytelling, created by the HOC-LAB Laboratory (Department of. Electronics, Information and Bioengineering of Politecnico di Milano, Italy) under a mandate of Expo Milano 2015.
TimeRepublik is a global, online Time Bank. Here, services are exchanged using time as currency.

The two institutions are proud to announce their alliance for PoliCulturaEXPOMilano2015. TimeRepublik will boost and facilitate collaboration among teachers by creating a “virtual place for the exchange of educational resources, knowledge and skills”.

Expo Milano2015, the Universal Exposition about Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, will take place in Milan from May to October 2015. Themes range from agriculture to food:

  • from nutrition to world hunger
  • from biodiversity to sustainability
  • from food identities to traditions
  • from localization to globalization
  • and much more.

All of this amounts to knowledge and attitudes crucial for those who will be the citizens of tomorrow. Putting the basis for a world citizenship spirit is a challenge and an opportunity for each country, as well as a planet concern, in a global perspective.

With PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 (www.progettoscuola.expo2015.org/en/competitions/policultura-expo), groups of students – coordinated by their teachers – are called to develop multimedia narratives using methodology and tools provided by Politecnico di Milano, and based on the teachings and learnings activities of ExpoMilano2015. Multimedia narrative and digital storytelling at school are modern and effective didactic approaches, already experienced by Politecnico di Milano in the frame of long lasting projects, where more than 1,200 stories were created by schools.

Teachers (and students) will enjoy:

  • over 300 pages from interviews with experts;
  • over 1,000 cues for possible teaching/learning activities;
  • online courses (MOOCs – Massive Online Open Courses) for teachers, related to Digital Storytelling.

TimeRepublik joining Politecnico di Milano for PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015 will create a new outstanding world education experience. TimeRepublik allows teachers to:

  • meet the global community of teachers;
  • virtually exchange services and knowledge;
  • find the resources necessary to develop multimedia narratives;
  • create sharing relationships and enjoy value-added services.

This new way of collaborating reflects the spirit of the sharing economy: skills and competences are accessible without boundaries.