Today’s a very Good Day

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Today is super special at TimeRepublik. As you know, TimeRepublik is a place for anyone to get the services they need and build their projects or portfolios using time instead of money. We were already the only community to really apply today’s cloud, search and social technologies to time‐banking on a global scale.

Today, we are officially launching in the United States (read the Press Release and the articles on the TIME and FastCompany). And, we’ve added a new Digital Time Wallet, a widget that sits on your webpage to make it even easier to credit and debit time even when you’re not on the TimeRepublik website.

We’ve heard some awesome stories from the U.S. already ‐‐ like Cherish Cullison, a NYC‐based personal shopper and stylist, who is at the early stage of building her brand and, like many new entrepreneurs, was long on talent but short on funds. She relies on the TimeRepublik platform to trade her expertise for services she needs but maybe couldn’t afford using money. In the process she is also building her credibility and reputation:

I did a styling session via Skype with a Burmese monk who had recently left the monastery and needed to create a look that fit the person she wanted to be in the outside world. It was amazing in so many ways for both of us! And, using the time I earned with her, I was able to capitalize on the talents of a graphic designer to create a professional logo for my business ­­ and it’s already made a huge difference.”

So cool, right? Cherish told us she had also done a knitting lesson over Skype for a producer in LA; they had a lovely chat during the lesson, and next thing she knew, Cherish had gotten a styling gig from yet another person based on that producer’s recommendation.

That’s really what TimeRepublik is about. TimeRepublik is the place where your authentic character and skills can shine: build your portfolio and credibility, bolster your resume and create a reputation on your own terms, without having to rely on that first job or first paying customer.

What’s New:

Improved Search: We’ve built even more power into TimeRepublik’s search engine, but kept it super simple to use so that anyone can easily offer the talents they have and find the person offering the expertise or talent that best matches their needs, in their neighborhood or via the Cloud. Now that we’ve added the United States and all the talent its melting pot has to offer, TimeRepublik is truly a worldwide collaboration engine where members receive and give of their talents using the one currency we all have: time.

Improved Reputation­Building: Credibility is built into marketplace via crowdsourced feedback, social verification, and points/ratings awarded for delivering as promised, communication, and punctuality.

The Digital Time Wallet:

  • The Wallet is a widget that sits on your search engine to lets users transfer time outsideof the platform. The Wallet can be embedded on your website and used as an account where members can credit and debit their time.
  • You don’t have to be on the TimeRepublik site to do time transactions. With the TimeRepublik Wallet, you can collect time from users for your projects, and donate time to theirs. People are accustomed to widgets that do very little except add convenience. The widget for TimeRepublik looks unassuming, but it’s a game changer: it’s extremely powerful and lets people who might not otherwise be able to afford a service or project have a simple, useful way to meet their needs without spending a dime. It’s underwriting in a different light.

Today, by announcing the Digital Time Wallet and our official presence in the United States, TimeRepublik’s citizens all over the world are able to capitalize on many people, with all with uniquely different talents, using the one currency we all have: time. Members work smart leveraging their collective energies to their highest potential: all time is equal and money has no bearing on success.

In sharing abilities and skills we might not otherwise see, TimeRepublik creates a circle of reciprocity where members give and receive seamlessly: this turns a one­to­one transaction into a one­to­many relationship, with continued potential to multiply and expand.

Here’s a link to a couple of user stories in the U.S. that we hope will inspire you. Do you have a tremendous story? We’d love to hear it! Share your stories here ­­ and remember, for every user you sign up and add, we credit your account with one­half hour to spend as you choose.

We have more cool news coming up soon. So stay tuned. And we’re only as good as our members. We love hearing your feedback and questions. Catch up with us any time!

Can’t afford it? #TimeRepublikIt!